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FactoryTalk® ProductionCentre is a comprehensive MES that can help you meet a range of productivity, quality, compliance and cost-saving goals. ProductionCentre integrates quality management and business analytics with paperless shop floor and repair execution. This improves operational efficiencies and helps you achieve and demonstrate regulatory compliance and high quality. Available solutions include single-plant, multiplant or industry-specific suites.

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How Do Enforceable Workflows Help?

Facilitate Continuous Improvement

Enforceable workflows break down organizational information silos to unite people with systems. They encourage and facilitate greater collaboration, standardization, and enforcement of best practices, helping manufacturers to improve productivity and distinguish their company from the competition. And allowing process data to be viewed in context of orders, products, suppliers and materials, plants can learn more. The more plants know, the more they can do with that knowledge.

Demonstrate Regulatory Compliance

Standardized workflows help to prevent issues and mistakes from happening. They perform quality checks and initiate corrective action plans and quality reports automatically. So, when there is a deviation, they alert appropriate personnel and commence additional quality checks, corrective actions and quality reports. Enforceable workflows automatically create records that make it easier to demonstrate regulatory compliance.

Retain/Transfer Workforce Knowledge

As retirees exit the workforce, intellectual property often walks out with them. Quite often, this occurs faster than new workers can be hired and trained. Enforceable workflows drive out variability through automated setup, work instructions and integrated quality processes. We understand the value that manufacturing production management software with enforceable workflows provides firsthand. Using it in our own plants at Rockwell Automation helped us to achieve tangible results.

FactoryTalk Analytics with MES Can Help You

  • Improve best practices and regulatory compliance
  • Discover downtime and improving labor utilization
  • Increase production volume
  • Monitor and troubleshoot remote assets
  • Recognize potential security risks
  • Reduce demand forecast errors
  • Enhance quality and minimize waste
  • Maximize resource utilization
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