Pressure Sensors

Our Pressure Sensors include rugged, industrial-grade, electromechanical pressure controls as well as solid-state pressure switches for any application. Our control products support multiple switching and output requirements. You can use them in a variety of applications and environments.

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Our Bulletin 836 Electromechanical Pressure Controls are designed to control or monitor the operating conditions of many types of pneumatic or hydraulic applications. These controls can improve processes and systems, protect expensive equipment, and help safeguard operators.

Electromechanical Pressure Controls
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Bulletin 836T Externally Adjustable Electromechanical Pressure Controls meet the traditional requirements of the transportation and machine tool industries. Proven dependability and construction make this line of pressure controls well-suited for these and other rugged applications.

Externally Adjustable Electromechanical Pressure Controls
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Our Bulletin 836P Solid-State Pressure Sensors measure liquids or gases from -14.5...10,000 psi. These sensors are available in display and non-display models with IO-Link Technology, discrete, and analog outputs. There are various process connections that include flush mount and sanitary connections for application flexibility.

836P Solid-State Pressure Sensors