Servo Motors

Our Kinetix® Servo Motors include a broad range of Rotary Motors and Linear Motors. Our rotary motors comprise several series including Kinetix® VP-Series, MP-Series™ and TL-Series™ and HPK-Series motors. Our linear motors include the LDC-Series™ and LDL-Series™ with no-wear. The servo motor families offer Smart Motor Technology to provide automatic identification of correct motor-to-drive connectivity, and seamlessly integrated with Kinetix® servo drive for optimal system performance.

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Kinetix Cables with SpeedTEC DIN Connectors

Our Bulletin 2090 Kinetix® Cables are a complete family of standard and continuous flexing cables, equipped with SpeedTEC® DIN connectors for a quick, one-quarter turn connection. 

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LDC-Series & LDL-Series Linear Servo Motors

Our Bulletin LDC-Series™ and LDL-Series™ Linear Servo Motors provide precise linear positioning at very high speeds. Direct Drive™ linear motors are connected directly to the payload that needs to be moved. 

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Rotary Motors

Our broad portfolio of rotary motors range from low and medium-inertia to high power and include environmental options from food grade to hygienic.