Hydroelectric Power Generation

Automation Systems for Consistent and Reliable Hydroelectric Plants

Hydroelectric Power Generation

Intense regulatory frameworks and market pressures are challenging hydroelectric plant operators. Our hydro power plant automation and control systems help your company comply with environmental regulations, reduce downtime, and increase operational efficiency.

Efficient and Compliant Operations

Systems and Experience for Maximum Uptime and Regulatory Compliance

Strict environmental regulations have created reporting requirements that you cannot ignore. The complexity of the transmission and distribution infrastructure demand connectivity to systems outside the plant and real-time visibility to all plant areas for effective operation. An aging infrastructure makes it difficult to meet all of these requirements and impacts operational efficiency and security.

Hydro Power Plant Control Systems

Scalable, Integrated, and Profitable

Whether you update or replace your existing control system, we can help you migrate to a modern control system. Our PlantPAx® distributed control system offers integration of process, motor, and safety control for more efficient operation. Combined with integrated solutions, it helps ensure high availability, reliability, and lowest cost of ownership. Our solutions are designed to extract the most value from your systems.

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Hydroelectric Plant Upgrades Controls to PlantPAx DCS

Public Utility Optimizes Hydro Plant and Protects Sensitive Surroundings

At Box Canyon Dam control is critical to maintain the delicate balance between optimal power generation and river ecosystem. To meet all operational and regulatory requirements, the operating utility district selected the PlantPAx distributed control system. The new system helped increase generating efficiency at the plant and provides real-time operational data for trending and analysis.

Visualization and Information

Our visualization and information solutions provide a powerful platform for the integration of your operations and enterprise systems. Based on the FactoryTalk® suite of products, our solutions allow operators to visualize, report, and analyze operational information.

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