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Integrated Solutions for Oil Refinery Processes

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When you are responsible for a multi-billion dollar asset, what do you focus on? Is it uncontrolled release events? Is it having to squeeze out tight margins? Is it a potential loss of intellectual property or assets due to cybersecurity attacks? Regardless of which challenge or how many, we can help you run a safe and efficient operation.

Safety, Efficiency, and Maximum Uptime

Powerful process and motor controllers integrate easily with your main DCS to provide tight control and comprehensive information on refinery assets. This seamless technology integration helps you meet your performance objectives. Rockwell Automation and our PartnerNetwork™ program associates have a well-earned reputation for assisting refineries improve productivity, safety, and efficiency. We have more than 50 years of experience in refining and petrochemical applications and have helped many companies improve productivity, safety, and efficiency. We can help you design, deploy, and maintain the ideal system for your operations.


Efficient and Safe Refining Operations

Sensia-delivered Solutions

Sensia, a JV created by Rockwell Automation and Schlumberger in October 2019, has a team of knowledgeable engineers and project managers who understand your issues. By taking advantage of easy to use tools and modern technology, they design solutions that help you meet plant production goals. Sensia has helped global customers seamlessly migrate their less effective control systems, update safety systems, and optimize processes by using advanced process control solutions.

Sensia also provides a variety of engineering services that can help you reduce risk while helping keep projects on time and on budget. This is done through front-end engineering and design (FEED) or as a main automation contractor (MAC).

Sensia’s integrated information, control, and power solutions for the refining and petrochemical industries are suitable for:

  • Fire and gas systems
  • Motor control solutions
  • Metering and measurement
  • High integrity pressure protection systems
  • Process safety, which includes emergency shutdown systems and safety instrumented systems
  • Pump, compressor, turbomachinery control and condition monitoring
  • Process and Advanced Process Control

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Motor Control for Efficient and Safe Operations

Refineries need to operate 24/7 because of the continual business pressure on margins. So in a demanding environment, where safety is paramount, you can’t afford to have unplanned downtime caused by unnecessary maintenance or sudden failures that leave energy consumption unchecked. So with countless electric motors you need to maximize asset utilization while minimizing energy consumption in order to maintain high levels of uptime. Selecting the right motor control can go a long way to helping you safely meet these goals.

Our intelligent motor control helps enable smart connected systems. With the information you receive from smart motor control devices, you can make informed decisions based on the health of your motors and their operating conditions. You can take the information from our portfolio of intelligent motor control and take a data-driven approach to your processes and then utilize dashboards and analytics to ultimately improve system performance and gain operational efficiencies.

Process Control Solutions for Optimized Operations

Automating your processes does not have to be a “one-size-fits-all” solution to maintain your critical operations.

Today, process control, discrete control, power control, and safety control no longer have to be a choice of separate technologies. Producers can now choose to implement a plant-wide control system. The use of common automation technologies enables seamless integration of our process control system with plant-floor and business systems, creating more opportunity for plant-wide optimization. This approach improves productivity, lowers energy consumption, and reduces total cost of ownership.

Our optimization solutions help you meet the variability, waste, and energy consumption challenges you face to help you meet your production goals. We manage this through our unparalleled industry expertise and in-depth knowledge of the key processes and variables that can be improved to help you meet your business objectives.

Our process control and optimization solutions can help you in areas like:

  • Operational safety 
  • Cost of maintenance 
  • Reduced fuel and power usage 
  • Environmental regulations

Application of Motor Control Cuts Costs

Motor Control Helps Cut Energy and Maintenance Costs at Refinery

At the Daqing Refinery, the crude oil pump from a 3,500-ton pressure reduction process line maintains a steady flow rate. It produces 8,000 to 10,600 tons per day of crude oil. The crude oil pump, however, consumed a large amount of electrical energy in the process. With our solutions, Daqing Refinery is now able to maintain significant production numbers and save money with more efficient energy consumption.

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