Integrated Architecture

Real-Time Information and Control

Integrated Architecture

Integrated control systems facilitate smart manufacturing for your industrial automation solution. Our Integrated Architecture® system enables you to deploy an industrial control system individually at a machine- or line-level to solve specific needs. It can then be scaled across multiple lines or plants to achieve enterprise-wide business objectives. We have evolved our Integrated Architecture system into a high-performance architecture. It helps converge control and information to deliver the connected enterprise with smarter technology, enhanced productivity, and a more secure environment.

Multiple Automation Disciplines

Integrate Multi-discipline Control into One Infrastructure

When you integrate your industrial control systems into one plant-wide infrastructure, you increase efficiency and productivity across your operations. If you replace multiple, disparate control systems with one common framework, it enables efficient installation, operation, and maintenance. Our Logix control platform provides the scalability and performance to meet your needs.

Integrated Architecture Builder

Use Integrated Architecture Builder (IAB) to layout and validate control systems, and generate proposals and BOMs that provide the details of your control system. The tool provides advanced selection assistance and a graphical interface for designing systems. Those systems can include products communicating over networks like Ethernet/IP and subsystems that have components sharing a common backplane like PLCs. You can add I/O, networks, drives, on-machine cabling and wiring, motion control, and other devices to your system.

Download Integrated Architecture Builder from the Product Selection Toolbox executable file or the mobile app.

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IAB Mobile App

Use the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture Builder (IAB) Mobile app to quickly sketch initial designs for industrial control systems.

Integrating Industrial and Enterprise Systems

EtherNet/IP™ is a robust communications platform that enables machine builders and end-users to effectively unite their network infrastructure. With EtherNet/IP, all network capabilities such as motion, time synchronization, HMI, intelligent motor control, process instrumentation, and safety are available on a common network infrastructure.

Control Products and Technology

Scalable, Multi-disciplined Control

Our Integrated Architecture portfolio includes control, visualization, motion, and network families. Additionally, the Studio 5000 design environment is the core infrastructure of integrated control and information.

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