Biomass Power Generation

Flexible and Scalable Solutions for Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Biomass Power Generation

Simplify plant operation, design, and engineering with a plant-wide process control platform. This platform uses state-of-the-art technology to optimize energy yield.

Reliable, Efficient, and Secure Operations

Generate More Power from Less Feedstock with a Flexible Control Solution

One of the keys to success in biomass power generation is a flexible automation system that allows seamless feedstock changeover. We can help you navigate technological, engineering, and design challenges to upgrade existing infrastructure or build new facilities. We offer integrated control and information solutions that are fully tested and field proven to meet industry requirements:

  • Effectively maintain your fuel yard assets
  • Optimize boiler control
  • Quick access to the right information when you need it
  • Efficiently use one control platform for balance of plant
  • Securely manage your infrastructure
  • Quick access to help when it matters most

Plant-wide Control Solutions

Integrated Systems for Flexibility and Reliability

There are some challenges to biomass generated power. A lack of engineering, design, and technological support hinder you from expanding current operations or building new facilities.

We can help you navigate the challenges you face when you build new or upgrade existing facilities. We offer a broad range of proven, integrated control and information solutions to meet industry requirements.

The Future of Energy Is Self-sufficient Buildings

Connecting Controls and Building Technology with Innovative Bioreactors

The first building with a bioreactor façade was unveiled in 2013 by Internationale Bauausstellung (IBA) in Hamburg, Germany. A big challenge in this project was to link the micro-algae cultivation technology with modern building technology. We provided the control elements, integrated all the disparate technologies into one system, and helped enable automatic operation throughout the year.

Biomass Plant Helps University Toward Goals

Adopting Biomass to Reduce Greenhouse Gases

With the integrated platform and single programming environment of the controllers, the on-site facility operator has fewer spare parts to maintain. The tight operational control of the platform enables the system to process biomass with the required precision. This control helps meet the emission reduction goals of the university.

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