Safety Instrumented Systems

Protecting People, the Environment, and Critical Control Assets

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The protection of people, processes and the surrounding environment remain a significant part of an automation strategy for any industry. We offer solutions to help meet your process safety standards that are as varied as each of your environments. You can expect us to engage the right dedicated resources to design, implement, and deploy a complete process safety solution. Plus, our architectures support fault tolerance for system components and scalable options including fail-safe, fault-tolerant, and triple modular redundancy (TMR).

AADvance Control System

Scalable Fault-Tolerant Control Systems

Process safety applications often require multiple SIL levels: from SIL 1 through SIL 3 in the same control strategy. You need a cost-effective system that can be scaled to meet these requirements. Our AADvance® control system delivers unparalleled performance and value as well as a truly distributed process safety architecture.

Trusted Control System

SIL 3 for Large Process Safety Systems

Trusted® is a triple modular redundant controller designed to provide maximum safety and availability in all circumstances. Trusted incorporates a fault-tolerant architecture to virtually eliminate spurious system trips and provides high availability as part of its inherent safety-related functionality.

ControlLogix SIL 2

Safety Configured Controller Solutions

The ControlLogix® SIL 2 solution provides very high levels of availability for those SIL 2 basic process control system and/or process safety system applications that cannot tolerate a system shutdown.

Reliable, Effective Process Safety

Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

Sensia, a JV created by Rockwell Automation and Schlumberger in October 2019, has a team of knowledgeable engineers who understand the entire process safety lifecycle in the oil and gas industry. Years of experience in the design, deployment and maintenance of process safety systems enable Sensia to deliver a solution that helps you operate your plant efficiently without compromising safety.

Sensia also provides a variety of engineering services that can help you reduce risk while helping keep projects on time and on budget.

Sensia’s integrated safety solutions include:

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