Retentivity storage

Retentivity storage enables you to retain changes made to the project at runtime in a data store.
TIP: For example, you can use retentivity storage to retain information about user-specific settings. If the user modifies the settings at runtime, the changes will be retained when you stop the FactoryTalk Optix Application and run it again. See the following tutorial Develop a persistent setting specific to a user.

Multiple storages

By default, each new project that you create in
FactoryTalk Optix Studio
contains a
object. The storage records information about users and groups added to the project. We recommend keeping the
object in your projects.
You can create multiple retentivity storage objects.
IMPORTANT: Ensure that retentivity storages monitor independent parts of the project (Nodes) and do not intersect with each other.


Each retentivity storage object takes these parameters:
A node that contains the data that you want to retain.
TIP: A node can be a project folder, for example, the
folder. You can add multiple nodes to be retained.
Write delay
Defines how often to save changes (in milliseconds).
The default value is zero. When a change is detected, it is saved in real-time (according to technical write times).
TIP: The default zero value may stress the hard drive if big portions of the project are retained or if values are changing very often. Specifying a longer write delay puts the project at risk of potentially losing data included in the set delay interval.
Delta observer enabled
In certain projects, it is possible to make changes that are not intended to be saved. In this case, the system deactivates change detection for executions.
If you set this parameter to
, the retentivity storage only applies the changes already stored and does not detect future changes.
TIP: This parameter is useful, for example, if you want to use the saved retentivity layer only to apply and restore initial changes, without adding new ones.

Data store

The default location of the
file depends on the platform.
\AppData\Local\Rockwell Automation\FactoryTalk Optix\Emulator\Projects\
Linux HMI
/persistent/data/Rockwell Automation/FactoryTalk Optix/FTOptixApplication/Projects/
Windows panel IPCs
\AppData\Local\Rockwell Automation\FactoryTalk Optix\Emulator\Projects\
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