安全光幕是光电存在感应式安全设备,用于检测光幕的传感场中是否存在物体。多用于机器保护应用项目中,检测是否存在人的手指、手、四肢或整个身体。光幕又名 AOPD(有源光电保护设备),可提供最佳安全性。它们非常适合人员需要经常并轻松到达危险操作点的应用项目

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Point of Operation Control (POC) safety light curtains are designed for finger, hand, and arm detection. These light curtains are placed close to the hazard, at the point of operation where personnel may frequently interact with the machine.

Point of Operation Control Safety Light Curtains
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Perimeter Access Control (PAC) and Area Access Control (AAC) safety light curtains provide full-body access detection. These light curtains are designed to create a safety perimeter around a machine that does not require frequent interaction between personnel and the hazard during regular operation. PAC and AAC safety light curtains are typically used as opto-electronic fences to detect personnel or large objects when they pass through the sensing field.

Perimeter Access Control Safety Light Curtains