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FactoryTalk Software Version History

Need information on incremental changes made to software releases? Or need specifics on major features that have recently been added? Check out the FactoryTalk® version information below to see what we’ve been up to lately.

FactoryTalk View Machine Edition

Version 11

Features Benefits
Support for additional displays on PanelView™ Plus 7 Standard
  • Display limit increase to 100 per application provides more flexibility in application development and migration
Application backup version identification
  • New tools assist developers working with different versions of FactoryTalk View Machine Edition
Optimization of audit messages logged for operator actions
  • Creates a more readable operator action audit log
  • Reduces frequency of onboard audit log manage


Version 10

Features Benefits
Improved legacy project support
  • Makes it easier for users to manage legacy application versions, with support for restoration on a 64-bit OS
Design-time improvements
  • Support for docked tools such as Object Explorer and object Property Panel increases productivity when editing highly complex displays, such as faceplates
Onboard audit trail for PanelView Plus 7 supports regulated industry applications
  • Up to 10,000 operator actions can be stored on the operator terminal
  • Enables FactoryTalk View Machine Edition and PanelView Plus 7 in applications requiring regulatory compliance such as US 21CFR Part 11 or EU Annex 11


FactoryTalk View Site Edition

Version 11

Features Benefits
Integration with FactoryTalk AssetCentre software version 9.0 Disaster Recovery
  • New FactoryTalk SE asset for FactoryTalk AssetCentre adds support for fully automated application backup, change management, and a compare report showing changes between versions
  • Backup running applications, store and access multiple versions, and compare projects version to
TrendPro updates: overlay operator actions on trend, ISA-101 styling, and OSI PI data source integration
  • Add operator actions to live and historical control system data, system diagnostics, and alarms to create a comprehensive tool that puts context around changing setpoint data, alarms triggered, and operator actions that were taken
  • Configure TrendPro to comply with ISA-101 recommendations for display graphics
  • New OSI PI data source allows display of historical data stored in OSI PI database
Extended system sizing with support for up to 120 clients
  • Deploy a successful system architecture for large systems
  • Tested extended system sizing recommendations and design considerations provide guidance for scaling up to a large system
Licensing integration with ThinManager®
  • Simplify HMI licensing costs for operator workstations managed by ThinManager
Runtime enhancements
  • Pin popup displays to keep a display open while you navigate to different displays in the background
  • Recipe Pro enhancements
  • FactoryTalk Diagnostics Viewer control allows operators to view system diagnostic messages within the HMI
Production events
  • New event type option in FactoryTalk Alarms and Events for capturing production events that aren’t classified as “alarms”
  • Appear in alarm summary, no acknowledgment required

Version 10

Features Benefits
TrendPro updates: new FactoryTalk Alarm data source and new ability to save ad-hoc trends to the HMI server
  • Overlay FactoryTalk Alarm History and Events with real-time and historical data on a trend to build a highly effective troubleshooting tool
Design-time improvements
  • Support for docked tools such as Object Explorer and object Property Panel increases productivity when editing highly complex displays, such as faceplates
  • Customize a trend view with runtime ad-hoc trends, share them with other users to enable a common view of system actions
MultiMonitor™ framework enables support for up to six monitors with one FactoryTalk View SE client
  • Extend your runtime client to multiple monitors, in any configuration
  • Give users more information with within one application to enable them to make good decisions
ThinManager integration with pass-through authentication from ThinManager to FactoryTalk View SE clients
  • Operators log on to ThinManager, are automatically logged into their HMI
  • Reduce frustration and wasted time with multiple logons for users
Support for Logix tag-based alarming
  • Seamless integration of HMI display controls with to FactoryTalk Alarms and Events systems
  • No configuration of software alarms
Embedded HTML5 browser control
  • Embed webpage content directly on HMI displays
  • Aggregate visual content from different sources in one HMI application


FactoryTalk ViewPoint

Version 11

Features Benefits
Mobile FactoryTalk Alarms and Events commands and remarks
  • Allows mobile device users to capture operator comments when an alarm is resolved
  • Gives mobile users same alarm functionality as users on a full FactoryTalk View SE client
Mobile trend with Alarm events
  • Mobile trend object support for overlay of FactoryTalk Alarms and Events with production data allows mobile device users to see alarms in context with production data
Server options
  • New options for inactivity timeout, automatic synchronization of displays, and maximum tag update rate make it easier to manage global server settings

Version 10

Features Benefits
New recipe control lets mobile users select, preview, and download recipes from their mobile devices
  • Gives mobile users access to recipes, with a native HTML format optimized for web browsers on desktop or mobile devices
Mobile alarm history
  • Adds FactoryTalk Alarms and Events support for mobile users – see alarm history on a web browser or device with ViewPoint Mobile
  • Allows users to analyze alarm history from any FactoryTalk Alarms and Events database in the system


Studio 5000 Application Code Manager

Version 3

Features Benefits
Library links
  • Use hierarchical relationships to create associated sub-objects automatically when creating an object.
Expanded command line interface
  • Streamline project creation or object additions by making batch calls to Application Code Manager from the Command Line.
Logix tag-based alarming
  • Create and configure Logix tag-based alarms for objects.
New version indication
  • Be notified when a newer version of an object is available in your library.

Version 2

Features Benefits
Class view
  • Easily see all the library objects (and their instances) for each controller.
  • Ease development cost and time by merging content into existing Logix Designer projects.
Controller preview
  • Display all the project data for an established node, including controllers, tasks, programs, AOIs, and I/O modules.

Version 1

Features Benefits
Build a library
  • Create your own library of reusable code objects or leverage existing libraries to speed development.
  • Promote consistency in projects by sharing objects across teams.


Studio 5000 Architect

Version 4

Features Benefits
Enhanced Data Exchange
  • Import from your CAD package with improved network layout arrangements on the Studio 5000 Architect® canvas.

Version 3

Features Benefits
Data Exchange
  • Jump start your projects with device information from CAD packages that leverage he AuomationML data standard.
New Hardware Support
  • Compact 5000™ I/O
  • FLEX 5000™ I/O

Version 2

Features Benefits
Modernized User Interface
  • Use an updated UI that uses common elements and terminology across the Studio 5000 family of products.
New Hardware Support
  • PowerFlex® Drives
  • CompactLogix™ 5380
  • ControlLogix® 5580
  • Various Kinetix® Drives


Studio 5000 Logix Designer

Version 32

Features Benefits
64-bit Math and Data Types
  • Calculate precise values with higher resolutions using new datatypes such as long integers.
Function Block Diagram Functions
  • Drag and drop these functions into your project that do not require a backing tag. Simplify troubleshooting by viewing the symbolic visual instead of digging through code.
  • Now available for use with ControlLogix 5580, CompactLogix 5380, and CompactLogix 5480 controllers to leverage high performance architecture in batch applications.
Productivity Enhancements
  • Define a UDT with capacity and rename the unused members online. Manage projects by rapidly opening recent files and closing all except the one you need.
New Hardware Support
  • Kinetix® 5700 Servo Family

Version 31

Features Benefits
User Interface Update
  • Work in a modern user interface across the various Studio 5000® products, including tabbed editing windows.
Enhanced Editors
  • Use visual indicators to identify exactly where errors are in code. Expand your coding toolbox by seeing code snippets that preview how to use a command and more.
Tag-based Alarming
  • Reduce memory and programming by associating an alarm with a specific tag.
Productivity Enhancements
  • Easily arrange your Logix Designer application windows the way you want across multiple monitors.
New Hardware Support
  • Compact 5000 I/O
  • FLEX 5000 I/O
  • GuardLogix® 5580
  • Compact GuardLogix 5380

Version 30

Features Benefits
Licensed-based Content Protection
  • Allows use of secure licenses to control who can access your source code as well as the execution of that code only where you authorize it.
Controller-based Audit Log
  • Identify changes quickly using an audit log that detects what online changes occur and when. Ensure no manual tampering with Log Authenticity.
Productivity Enhancements
  • Streamlined installation process across Studio 5000 for both standard and custom installation options. Easily import and export I/O tree modules from one project to another.
New Hardware Support
  • CompactLogix 5480
  • Kinetix VPC Motor


Studio 5000 View Designer

Version 6

Features Benefits
Email Notification
  • Keep remote personnel alerted to machine issues by using PanelView 5000 email notification.
Load Firmware from Removable Media
  • Recover from downtime events faster or even setup of a new panel without requiring a PC. Load both a new project and a new set of firmware if required from an SD card or USB.
Project Events
  • Easily drive HMI actions based on controller values. Project Events trigger and execute commands regardless of the screen currently displayed.
Alarm Enhancements
  • Support larger, more complex applications:
  • up to 4000 tag-based alarms per controller
  • 16,000 alarms total for a PanelView 5510
  • New properties:
  • FilterIndex can be used to launch an AlarmSummary pre-filtered for specific machine conditions
  • SelectedAlarmName shows the name of the selected alarm on the alarm summary
Usability Enhancements
  • Easily copy multiple screens or popups between projects

Version 5

Features Benefits
Logix Tag-based Alarms
  • New functionality in Logix V31 (and later) means that instruction-based and tag-based alarms appear automatically in the alarm summary and alarm manager. Tag-based alarms can now be embedded in AOIs, take up less memory, and have less scan time impact to the Logix controller.
Auto Logoff
  • Secure terminals that are no longer in use by enabling and configuring auto logoff.
Usability Enhancements
  • Drag and drop images, add-on graphics, and PDFs directly from the Project Explorer to the canvas and take advantage of new inline editing functionality.
General Enhancements
  • PanelView 5310: supports 100 screens as well as the PDF viewer
  • PanelView 5510: supports larger, more complex projects
  • Pop-up captions can now be changed programmatically


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