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Enhance Productivity and Reduce Commissioning Time with Studio 5000

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The Studio 5000® environment combines elements of design into one standard framework that optimizes productivity and reduces time to commission. This intuitive integrated design environment focuses on rapid design, re-use, collaboration and virtual design. The updated user interface provides a common, modern user experience across all Studio 5000 applications.

Configure, Program and Maintain Your Controllers

Studio 5000 Logix Designer

Studio 5000 Logix Designer® is the one application to configure, program and maintain the entire Allen-Bradley Logix 5000™ family of controller products and related devices. Its intuitive, modern programming environment allows users to work collaboratively to design and maintain their systems.

Build a Better View

Studio 5000 View Designer

Studio 5000 View Designer® is the design environment for the PanelView™ 5000 family of operator terminals. The integration of the PanelView 5000 terminals with Studio 5000 View Designer helps you build applications more easily and improve operator performance.

View Designer is an intuitive, modern design environment and enhances integration between the control system and operator interface to improve programming efficiency and runtime performance.

One Location to View your Automation System 

Studio 5000 Architect

Welcome to the one location in the Studio 5000 development environment where you can see it all! Create a graphical representation of your control system, configure devices such as controllers and HMIs, and manage communications between devices.

Need to share data between other Studio 5000 projects and third-party software? You’re in the right place. The Studio 5000 Architect® also exchanges data with other Studio 5000 applications and third-party CAD packages to simplify the development experience.

Accelerate Project Creation with Reusable Content

Studio 5000 Application Code Manager

Application Code Manager helps improve design consistency, reduce engineering costs, and achieve faster commissioning. How? Glad you asked! This key component of the Studio 5000 allows you to easily create and configure objects in bulk using reusable libraries of code.  The best part? There’s no additional programming required. The auto content generation feature creates not only the controller code for the modular object, but also the associated visualization, historical and alarming elements– helping to build projects more efficiently.

Validate your System – No Hardware Required!

Studio 5000 Logix Emulate

Studio 5000 virtual design improves design productivity, reduces risk, and decreases overall project costs. Studio 5000 Logix Emulate™ is at the core of Studio 5000 virtual design. It enables machine prototyping, throughput analysis, virtual commissioning and operator training. Logix Emulate provides the ability to validate, test and optimize application code independent of physical hardware. New interface capabilities provide connectivity to third-party simulation and Operator Training Systems allowing users to simulate their entire process and train teams in a safe, virtual environment.

Test Your System in a Safe, Virtual Environment

Studio 5000 Simulation Interface

Studio 5000 Simulation Interface connects controllers – physical or emulated – to simulation and modeling tools to enable virtual commissioning and model-based design.

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Our global ecosystem of solution and support providers can help drive the speed and success of your control system design efforts. Partner program members have experience delivering products or services that are designed to work with our solutions. And they take a collaborate approach to help you simplify project implementations and get the most value from your investments.