Performance Switched Mode Power Supplies

Our Bulletin 1606-XLS Performance Switched Mode Power Supplies use a technology that significantly reduces unit size yet delivers a 150% power boost. These power supplies offer DC output choices of 5, 12, 15, 24, and 48V in 80...960 W sizes.


  • Includes rated outputs between 80…960 W (3.3...40 A at 24V DC)
  • Features 150% power boost to handles start-up loads
  • Includes multiple single and three-phase inputs for global applications
  • Offers small size for panel space savings
  • Provides buffer modules for a short boost function, buffering load currents during typical main faults, switching events, or load peaks
  • Provides redundancy modules for managing dual power supplies for back-up power

Product Comparison

Input Voltage Single phase Single/multi-phase Single/multi-phase Single/multi-phase
Watt Range 120...240 W 120...960 W 15...100 W 80...960 W
Multiple Output Voltages 24...28VDC X X X
Terminations Screw Screw Cam lock spring Cam lock spring
Auto Select Input X X X X
Power Boost   120%   150%/5 s
DC OK Relay Output X     X
DC OK LED Indicator X X X X

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