Miniature Circuit Breakers

Our miniature circuit breakers are IP20 finger safe and RoHS compliant. These products also meet an expanded set of standards and certifications.

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Bulletin 1489-M Thermal-magnetic Circuit Breakers are UL 489 Listed for branch circuit protection in the United States and Canada, and they are certified as Miniature Circuit Breakers for IEC applications. These circuit breakers are ideal for extreme ambient conditions, feature fast breaking time, and superior shock and vibration resistance.

1489 Thermal-magnetic Circuit Breakers
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Bulletin 188-J and 188-K Regional Circuit Breakers are ideal for equipment-level applications and extreme ambient conditions. These circuit breakers feature fast breaking time, superior shock and vibration resistance. These products have received regional certifications and are only available in China and Europe.

Regional Circuit Breakers
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Our Bulletin 1492-MC Thermal-magnetic Miniature Circuit Breakers are general-purpose devices suitable for the majority of industrial, inverse time circuit breaker applications. They combine thermal and magnetic trip actions and provide accurate overload and short-circuit protection for conductors and connected equipment.

Thermal-magnetic Miniature Circuit Breakers
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Bulletin 1492-SPM Supplementary Protectors are used to protect equipment in applications. They are current-limiting and feature dual terminals for wiring and bus bar flexibility. With a 40 ˚C (104 °F) calibration temperature, these protectors are suitable for extreme ambient conditions.

Supplementary Protectors
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Bulletin 1492-RCDA Residual Current Devices detect and interrupt leakage to the ground, helping you prevent injury to exposed personnel and damage to equipment. Use these devices with miniature circuit breakers for additional circuit protection from overload, short circuit, and ground fault.

Residual Current Devices
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Bulletin 1492-GH and 1492-GS High-density Miniature Circuit Breakers are thermal-magnetic type supplementary overcurrent protective devices. Our single-pole, high-density miniature circuit breakers incorporate a thermal portion and a magnetic trip function for the combined advantages of two sensing systems.

High-density Circuit Breakers
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Bulletin 1492-D DC High Voltage Miniature Circuit Breakers provide overcurrent and short circuit protection for higher voltage DC circuits. These products feature dual terminals and are multi-wire rated for up to four wires.

DC High Voltage Miniature Circuit Breakers