Safety and Digital Transformation in Mining

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We are living and working in unprecedented times. Mining companies must find new ways to keep business, processes and systems in operation.

This timely webinar – presented by Australian Mining and Rockwell Automation – discusses how mining operations can benefit from embracing new technologies to improve system efficiencies and the safety of employees.

The presenters and topics include:

Safety, Resilience and Continuity in Unprecedented Times

Kevin Cole, Industry Sales Manager – Australia & New Zealand, Rockwell Automation

We are living and working in unprecedented times. Countries and companies across the regions and the world must find new ways to keep business, processes and systems in operation. Embrace the use of technology in overcoming some of the challenges we are facing while realising some of the biggest opportunities out there. The future will now look different, and the potential for positive change is immense.

Machine Safety in the Digital World – its application to mining

Geoff Irvine, Enterprise Account Manager, Rockwell Automation

Digital Transformation is heralding a new era of the safety lifecycle of mining operations.  This starts with being able to use the “digital twin” concept in optimizing the risk assessment process, moving on to verifying the system safety related functions in a simulated environment, to offering a virtual environment to train operations staff in the safe procedures, offering a data platform enhanced with augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) platforms to ensure the correct operating procedures are carried out, and finally providing a feedback process to capture learnings from safety incidents.

This presentation will provide a short introduction on how digital transformation can provide a safer operation and some use cases for safety in mining. There will be a focus on remote safety processes in this era of the coronavirus pandemic.

Risk Assessments in the Digital World

Wayne Pearse, Consulting Manager, Industrial Machine Safety Consultants (IMSC)

The machine builder is continually faced with challenges when designing machinery that must comply with global safety standards. The design risk assessment, an essential step in the safety life cycle can be difficult when face to face meeting is not permitted especially in this time of travel restrictions and social distancing considered the norm nowadays. Using group conference calls can be challenging for the design team and the appropriate operational and maintenance personnel to complete the risk assessment. The design engineers have tools available from 2D/3D CAD modeling and virtual reality (VR) to assist in the hazard identification phase of the risk assessment. The use of theses digital technologies can provide the user with a method to assist in identifying risk while completing their typical operation and maintenance tasks. Integrating safety and machine functionality during the concept and design phase can deliver a system that minimises risk, meets functional specifications, and reduces training requirements. Specific gains can be made in the application and using intelligent safety systems to enhance operations requirements.

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