Help With Search from Rockwell Automation

Help With Search

This information covers the most common search issues. For information not detailed here, please feel free to email us.

Searching by Catalog or Bulletin Number

Enter the complete catalog number including dashes (i.e. 20A-B00-DXE-15FFA)

Searching for Literature

When searching for literature, the version letter is important. In this example "1747-pp001A-en-p" the capital "A" is the version. If you search for "1747-pp001a-en-p" and the document is "1747-pp001b-en-p" you not get results. Leave out the version letter to get the latest version

  • Searching for Documents using Language

    English is the default language for search operations. If you want to search for documents in other languages, the language selection dropdown box is in the upper right-hand section on the Literature home page. You must select the language or “All Languages” before you execute the search. How Multilingual Publications are Treated by Search Documents categorized as multilingual (type “MU`”) will be returned in search if you select multilingual. They will also be returned if you select English, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, and Spanish. All these language selections will return all multilingual documents regardless of which actual languages are in the multilingual publication.
  • More Help With Search

    Punctuation That Is Not Ignored