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PLC Programmable Controllers

Allen-Bradley® programmable logic controller (PLC) and programmable automation controller (PAC) range from large to small and even micro applications. We offer different controller types and sizes to fit your specific needs.

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From the original programmable logic controller (PLC) invented in the 1970s to the scalable, multi-disciplined and information-enabled programmable automation controller (PAC), Allen-Bradley® control systems help you meet complex to simple application requirements.

With multi-disciplined control solutions built focusing on controllers and I/O and combined with attachment portfolios, you can deliver a smart, productive and secure Integrated Architecture® system in discrete, process, motion, and safety applications. We have got you covered.

Scalable Control to Match Application Requirements

Different controllers for your every need.

Make It a Smart System

Achieve the power and convenience of integrating the flexible options for your Smart System.

Simplify Design with a Common Application Environment

Reimagine design with the convenience of configuring, programming and maintaining the devices in your control system, all in one software.


We have the expertise and solutions to meet your unique industrial automation challenges anywhere in the world.

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