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The FactoryTalk® Historian Site Edition (SE) application provides you with the data capture, management, and analytical capabilities to help generate improved decision-making. ​Plant supervisors can view individual historical data for machines, process equipment, or production lines on demand. Production supervisors can analyze batch operations for an individual site against ente​rprise-wide corporate production parameters. Enterprise managers can compare KPIs among locations. This application helps locate and correct sources of inefficiencies quickly. This helps you manage manufacturing consistency, energy use, first-pass quality, and other factors that can improve the bottom line.

Latest Release

FactoryTalk Historian SE v5.01

  • Includes PI Server 2015 R2 SP1
  • Support for Asset Framework and Event Frames
  • First 5,000 tags can be allocated to any data source (including 3rd party devices)
  • Performance improvement to 50,000 events per second (100% improvement)
  • Support for Office 2016


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