Manufacturing Intelligence

Manufacturing and Production Intelligence delivers added value from the manufacturing related data your plant generates continually. With the right tools, you can consolidate data from many sources, turning it into the kind of reporting, and analysis that can help you make informed decisions.


    Milk Specialties Global used modern manufacturing intelligence to help quantify and justify operational improvements that led to higher throughputs and reduced water usage while maintaining quality.

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    Plasan Carbon Composites help reduce vehicle weight and improve gas mileage. Plasan implemented an information solution to serialize and track each part, and record 15 process settings in real time.

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  • Hillshire Brands Mobilizes Information to Improve Compliance and Quality

    Hillshire Brands, owned by Tyson Foods, rolls out 2.8 million corn dogs each day at one location. New FSMA requirements led the plant to improve production monitoring. Leveraging a manufacturing intelligence solution, the company now collects 1,500 data points. Deeper insight decreased inedible product, saving millions of corn dogs annually.

  • Doubled Output, Advanced Production Management

    Country Maid pastries are hand braided, but that is the only manual part of the process. To meet growing demand, the company expanded automation and baked in advanced EMI reporting and dashboard software. The result: doubled product output and empowered operators who can make better decisions based on data from each batch.

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  • Sweet Savings

    Barry Callebaut, a global leader in chocolate production, turned to FactoryTalk® Metrics software to track OEE and provide an ingredient-tracking dashboard to notify operators of product losses as they occurred. The facility turned material losses into a net gain.

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