January 2018
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How will the Industrial Internet of Things benefit your business?
Get actionable insights from your control system – in less than five minutes

Data without context is not information.

If your fitness tracker captured raw data (like steps taken) in a spreadsheet but didn't offer context to the data, you couldn't make decisions about your daily fitness. It's just numbers.

But transform that data and display it in a dashboard – and now you can instantly make decisions on the go.

What if your devices could talk to you?
The ideal situation is a device that helps you discover assets across your industrial network, digitize those data sources and transform the data generated into preconfigured health and diagnostic dashboards.

Similar to how a fitness tracker helps you make better decisions about your personal health, FactoryTalk® Analytics for Devices gives you a quick look into the health of your control system devices, enabling you to better manage plant operations. FactoryTalk Analytics for Devices is part of our strategy to enable advanced analytics for manufacturing.

Analytics tool delivers immediate value
This is a simple, approachable way to start your analytics journey, and creates the foundation for the future direction of the IIoT strategy in your operations.

See how you can improve the health of your operations with expanded diagnostic and analytics capabilities (1:50)

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Simulate your control system in a safe environment.  

Simulate your control system in a safe environment. Studio 5000® virtual design increases design productivity, reduces risk and decreases overall project costs. Download Studio 5000® Logix Emulate™ to simulate machine prototyping, throughput analysis, virtual commissioning and operator training in a safe, virtual environment.

Efficient computing solution.  
Efficient computing solution. The VersaView® 5100 industrial monitor is made for tough environments across most industrial applications. Its modern design, edge-to-edge glass display and multi-touch capability make it easy to use and to clean.
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