NEMA Industrial Timing Relays

Our Industrial Timing Relays are designed to NEMA standards. These relays are available in both solid-state and pneumatic timing versions.

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Bulletin 700-PS Solid-state Timing Relays are accurate solid-state timers that can be mounted on 4-pole Bulletin 700-P, -PK, -R, or -RM relays and on 2-pole Bulletin 700-PH relays. Using an adapter plate, you can also mount it for standalone use.

NEMA Solid-state Timing Relays
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Bulletin 700-RTC Solid-state Timing Relays are fixed timing relays designed for applications requiring a specific time delay in which inadvertent timing changes must be avoided. They offer the reliability of a fixed solid-state design with comparable contact isolation to an electromechanical relay.

Solid-state Fixed Timing Relays