On-Machine M12 Cables

Our On-Machine™ M12 cables have an IP67 overmolded connector with a twisted pair cable. This cable is durable for on-machine components and high flex applications and provides better performance in applications with noise and vibration. Red cable jackets let you easily identify safety applications.

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  • Overmolded housing protects the integrity of the signal
  • Field attachable connectors
  • Red cable jackets identify safety networks on your machines
  • M12 X-code patchcords available with Cat 6 Gigabit cable

Rockwell Automation announces that as of March, 2017, our Variant 1 cables will be discontinued and no longer available for sale.

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On-Machine M12 Cables

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Connectivity & Network Media Brochure CONEC-BR001
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Essential Components: Connectivity and Ethernet Media Product Profile 1585-PP004
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Gigabit Ethernet Connectivity Product Profile 1585-PP006
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Motor Control Center Architecture Diagram Quick Reference IASIMP-QR016
Integrated Architecture Recommended Literature Reference Manual IASIMP-RM001
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