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Hot Topics: Our Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts in 2017

The numbers for 2017 are in, and we get it: you really like our blog. We’re quite pleased that you do.

In our ongoing quest to help find answers to your problems, make your job easier and share our industry insights, you favored us with lots of visits, long times on page, and generously clicking through to our web sites to learn more. Thank you.

Looking back, you read some blogs more than others. With no further delay, take a look at our most popular blogs from 2017:

1. Controlling Multiple Motors With One VFD: Using a VFD to control multiple motors, and with the right design consideration, helps to reduce the cost, foot print and control complexity of your application.

2. What You Need to Know about Learning Logix: Stay current on new and existing features available in Logix programmable automation controllers.

3. The One Thing Companies Need to Create an Inclusive Work Culture: A culture of inclusion is not one group’s priority. It takes commitment and work from everyone – women, people of color and white men.

4. The Importance of Short-Circuit Current Ratings: For global machine builders selling into North America, it can be challenging to comply with local standards and codes.

5. Why Are Drives Easier to Apply Than Soft Starters?: Why does the application matter when choosing between a soft starter and an AC drive?

6. Are Manufacturers Too Slow in Adopting New Technology?: How companies approach the next revolution in manufacturing depends on their priorities.

7. I Have Motor Data: Now What?: What data is your intelligent motor control and protection device collecting and what should you be doing with it?

8. Smart Sensors and IOT: Lining Up the Pros and Cons: The latest smart sensors communicate detailed data and diagnostics, allowing machines to operate more effectively.

9. Big Data Requires Big Visualization: Augmented reality that will change the way we interact with smart devices – and be as influential to manufacturing as the launch of the iPhone was to mobility.

10. Don’t Wait for Standards Before Moving Closer to Smart Manufacturing: Many countries are eager to adopt Smart Manufacturing strategies. The real influence lies not in the latest technology, but in the standards behind that technology.

Stanley A. Miller II
Stanley A. Miller II
Head of Content for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Rockwell Automation
Stanley A. Miller II

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