Qualification Details Column
The Details Column lists PQAUAL ID, clicking on the PQUAL ID hyperlink will open a Detailed Information page about the MS Patch under consideration.

Installed MS Patches Report
This page contains information about each of the Microsoft Patches which were on the test bed at the time the MS Patch under consideration was test bed.

Microsoft Priority (Rating)

Rating that Microsoft gives each patch, visit Microsoft at http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/security/gg309177.aspx to learn more about the rating system.

RA Qualification State

The RA Qualification state indicates the current status of the Patch Qualification effort. The status of the testing will be shown as Under_Test, Published, or Held.

Under Test
The tests are being executed. The Patch Qualification Team does not recommend applying the MS patch while the Qualification Status is Under_Test.

Testing is complete and A Qualification recommendation has been made. No further action is planned for this MS Patch.

The Held state is only used when issues are found. Navigating to the Qualifications Details page will provide more information.

RA Recommendation

Each Microsoft patch tested will receive one of the following Rockwell Automation recommendations:

Fully Qualified
The MS Patch has been tested and no issues were found.

Partially Qualified
One or more issues relating to the use of this patch have been discovered, and may be suitable to install. Navigating to the Qualification Details page will provide more information.

Not Qualified
The MS Patch testing has not begun, not complete, or an issue is found. Navigating to the Qualification Details page will provide more information.

Not Tested
These MS Security updates pertain to a software product that is not installed on our MS Patch Qualification Test Bed and cannot be installed for testing purposes. Typically, these products are not required by Rockwell Automation Software Products & do not apply to our testing scope. If you have software products that require updates that are not Fully Qualified, we recommend you verify them on a non-production system, or when the facility is non-active, to ensure that there are no unexpected results or side effects.

Field Definitions

Anti-Virus Software
Name and version number of the anti-virus software which was on the machine at the time of the test.

Rockwell software release the Microsoft Patch is installed on.

Date Published
The date Rockwell published its recommendation for this MS Patch.

Date Released (from MS Patch Summary and detail)
This is the date Microsoft released the MS Patch.

Last Update
This field indicates the date of the last update. Updates are published every week if a change to any Patch Qualification hasbeen made.

MS Knowledgebase
This is the Microsoft assigned Knowledge Base article ID link to the Microsoft Webpage containing information about this MS Patch.

MS Patch Description
This description is produced and document by Microsoft at the time the MS Patch is released.

MS Security Bulletin
This is the Microsoft assigned Security Bulletin article ID number link to the Microsoft Webpage containing information about this Security Bulletin.

Any additional information regarding this MS Patch qualification.

A list of Rockwell products tested for this patch qualification.

Qualification ID
An internal number used to track all test activities related to this MS Patch qualifications.Any questions regarding this MS Patch qualification should include this number.

Required Rockwell Patches
In the event that an issue has been found with a MS Patch, and a RA patch fixes the issue, the RA patch will be listed here.