PowerFlex 6000高圧ACドライブ

PowerFlex® 6000高圧ACドライブは柔軟性が高く、幅広いアプリケーションに使用できます。新規/レトロフィットアプリケーション、可変トルクアプリケーション、定トルクアプリケーションに適しています。このようなアプリケーションには、2.3~11kVの可変速モータ制御を必要とするファンやポンプ、コンプレッサが含まれます。モータの電圧や地域の要件に基づいて複数の構成が可能です。



PowerFlex 6000高圧ACドライブ PowerFlex高圧の選択ガイド PowerFlex 6000高圧可変周波数ドライブのファームウェア、パラメータ、トラブルシューティングに関するマニュアル


  • Offers 100% starting torque with sensorless vector control
  • Reduces peak demand charges by operating near unity power factor throughout the speed range
  • Includes ECO fans that provides higher efficiency and reduced losses
  • Includes integrally mounted, multi-pulse isolation transformer to help ensure low line side harmonics and high input power factor
  • Includes automatic power cell bypass which helps minimize downtime in your critical applications
  • Offers common modular power cells that are designed for easy removal which minimizes Mean Time to Repair
  • Comes equipped with internally powered main cooling fans that reduce customer-supplied control power requirements
  • Includes intuitive, easy to use color touchscreen HMI
  • Offers synchronous transfer control up to 10 motors

PowerFlex 6000T with Common Control Architecture

  • Includes easy configuration, integration and visualization in the Studio 5000® design environment. The Add-on Profile is the preconfigured data translator, visual user interface, and data configurator all rolled into one. It is also the primary tool that sends drive data to the control system.
  • Features Connected Components Workbench™ software full device profile support, which makes it easier to configure, program and visualize in a single software package
  • Includes extensive input power monitoring functionality for kW, kVA, kVAR, elapsed kWh, MWh and power factor

Additional Information

  • Our industry expertise helps deliver complete Drive System Solutions that maximize production and minimize risk.
  • Learn how the information from our portfolio of Intelligent Motor Control can position you to make better operating decisions, improve system performance, and gain operation efficiencies.
  • Our Integrated Architecture Solutions provide the foundation to drive plantwide optimization efficiently and effectively, enabling you to respond competitively to the economy and changes in consumer demand.
PowerFlex 6000 Packaged Solutions

Choose from a variety of standard packaged solutions that are pre-engineered to streamline your acquisition process. These solutions will help simplify delivery and installation and help ease repeat orders and inventory.

Select drive, enclosure type, and power options.


  • CE
  • IEC
  • IEEE
  • NEMA
  • UL
  • ANSI



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PowerFlex高圧の選択ガイド PFLEX-SG003
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PowerFlex 6000Tドライブのプログラミングマニュアル 6000-PM100
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プロセスオブジェクトのロックウェル・オートメーションのライブラリ: PowerFlex 6000ドライブ SYSLIB-RM057
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