Project view

Project view
displays the contents of the
FactoryTalk Optix Application
in a tree structure.
Project view
contains buttons for navigating the contents of the application. Some buttons appear in the title bar of
Project view
. Other buttons appear in the selected object.
Project view buttons
Navigate backward
. Go to the previously selected pane.
Navigate forward
. Go to the next selected pane.
Split project view
. Divide
Project view
into two panes.
Add new
. Create a node inside the selected node.
. Remove the selected node and the nodes that it contains.
Lock the selected child node to hide it from
Project view
. You cannot edit locked child nodes.
Unlock the selected child nodes to display it in
Project view
. You can edit unlocked child nodes.
Open the selected object in the dedicated editor. Only certain object types have a dedicated editor.
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