Main toolbar

The main toolbar at the top of the user interface contains buttons that all views use.
Main toolbar buttons
Close project
Closes the current project.
Saves the project. Select an option from the list to:
  • Save the project with a different name and location and apply version control
  • Save and commit project changes to the remote repository.
  • Export the application to a folder or USB drive or export the project to a file.
Save and Commit
Save changes and commit the changes to back them up in the local repository.
Push to remote
Push saved and committed changes to the remote repository for users to see the latest changes to the project.
Pull from remote
Pull the latest changes from the remote repository to see the latest changes that other users have made.
View History
View the history of changes to the project. Restore any commit to revert to a previous version of the project.
Cancels the last operation.
Repeats the last operation.
Browse project files
Opens the project resource window for displaying, importing, or deleting project files such as, images, videos, documents, and certificates.
Template Libraries
Opens the default and custom libraries and template variables.
Open .NET Solution
Opens the .NET project to incorporate additional functionality using custom C# code.
Open dashboard page
Opens a configuration dashboard to begin designing your user interface. Select the list to configure the connected device, data logging, and recipes, or manage users and groups.
Stops the application that is running on the client device.
Run on Emulator
Compiles, transfers, and runs the application on the selected client device or emulator. Select a different client device from the list. .
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