Create a certificate

To communicate securely, OPC UA applications must have appropriate public certificates and corresponding private keys.
For more information, see Manage-OPC-UA-certificates-and-keys.dita.
  1. In the FactoryTalk Optix title bar, select
    FactoryTalk Optix Studio
    and select
    Create certificate
  2. Under
    , complete:
    • Common name
      . The name of the URL.
    • Organization
      . The name of your organization.
    • Organization unit
      . The division in your organization for which you are creating the certificate.
    • Locality
      . The city where your organization is located.
    • State
      . The name of the state or province where your organization is located.
    • Country
      . The country where your organization is located.
  3. Under
    OPC UA information
    , complete:
    • Application URI
      . The globally unique URI for the application.
    • Domain names
      . The hostname of the devices on which the application is run. IP addresses.
    • IP addresses
      . The IP addresses on which the application will run.
  4. Under
    Certificate settings
    , complete:
    • RSA key strength
      . The size, in bits, of the RSA key.
    • Signature algorithm
      . Algorithm that will create the certificate.
    • Expiration date
      . The SSL expiration date.
  5. In
    , enter the name of the certificate.
  6. In
    , enter or browse to the location to store the certificate.
  7. Select
The configured certificate is created in the specified location.
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