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IA Tools Video Library

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ControlNet Cable Termination Video
The ControlNet Cable Termination Video illustrates the proper way to strip and crimp a ControlNet BNC coax cable and connector. This video will explain the proper techniques for stripping the 1786-RG6 cable and installing the BNC connector.

Faceplate/Add-On Instruction Sets
This video illustrates how to decrease HMI screen development time by 50-90% using free Faceplate/Add-On Instruction sets from Rockwell Automation.
Integrated Architecture Makes Code Reuse Fast and Easy
A comparison between a conventional method and the Rockwell Automation solution: Integrated Architecture provides a faster and easier approach to reuse programming code.
Integrated Architecture Value of One
Learn how an Integrated Architecture system provides value with scalable controllers - using one control programming software package, one networking protocol, one HMI configuration software package and the information enabled attributes of the system across process, drive, motion and discrete control disciplines.
Integrated Motion for Machine Builders
Learn how Rockwell Automation can reduce an OEMs' engineering costs and time to market with RSLogix 5000 simple motion configuration, scalable architecture and installation savings with Kinetix motion products.
Life of a Tag
A side-by-side comparison between a conventional approach and the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture that demonstrates how data moves seamlessly from device to control to HMI to the business system.
Multi-disciplined Control
Learn about the benefits of integrating the end user's enterprise with one single architecture. The Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture provides users with the ability to make faster, better business decisions and reduce total cost of ownership.
New Descriptive Logix Tags With DeviceNet
Five easy steps to generating descriptive Logix tags using DeviceNet - eliminating the need to count bits or search through manuals.
Position Based Control
What is Position Based Control? Learn the concept and how Rockwell Automation has an advantage during implementation.
Programming Languages in RSLogix 5000
Learn more about the four programming languages available in RSLogix 5000. Programmers have the ability to mix and match languages based upon preference and needs.
Pump Station Controller Video
View the simplicity and basic functionality of the Pump Station Controller.
Sample Code Library Video
Watch the short video to learn the improved search engine of the  Sample Code Library website from Rockwell Automation.
SLC to CompactLogix Migration
With industry knowledge and worldwide services support, Rockwell Automation will partner with you to help ensure a smooth transition from your SLC controllers to flexible, scalable Logix-based control. This phased migration strategy will help you preserve your investment in your existing SLC I/O, while modernizing your control system and enabling you to gain the benefits of the Integrated Architecture.
User Defined Structures Make Program Design and Maintenance Faster and Easier
Learn how user defined structures make program design and maintenance easier.
Value of Accelerator Toolkits
Accelerator Toolkits provide significant time savings when developing control systems.