Studio 5000 Application Code Manager

Studio 5000® Application Code Manager is a tool that enables more efficient project development with libraries of reusable code. You can create modular objects with customizable configuration parameters using the reusable content, allowing you to specify the pertinent information on how the object should be used in a project. Application Code Manager creates not only the coding for the modular object, but also the associated visualization, historical and alarming elements.

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What’s New

Version 3.10.00
  • New licensing model, including a no-cost “Lite Edition”
  • Easily add, edit, or delete project content by a library object
  • Enhanced management of dependencies between library objects
  • Instantiate content into existing Logix Designer application projects


Engineering design tool – Easily create and configure objects in bulk using reusable libraries of code to increase application development, without any additional programming

Auto content generation – Create controller code for the modular object, as well as the associated visualization, historical and alarming data to help build projects more efficiently

Reusable library objects -- Easily instantiate complex objects into a new or an existing project

Standardize systems – Use application-focused libraries of code, including PlantPAx® Process Object Libraries and Machine Builder Libraries, to save time and more easily standardize your systems