FactoryTalk Historian Machine Edition

FactoryTalk® Historian Machine Edition (ME) provides high-speed, reliable data capture, enabling manufacturers to reach continuous process improvement goals. It achieves its superior reliability through a solid-state design hardened for on-machine use and with no moving parts. A limited software footprint requires no server or personal computer, significantly reducing the risk of data loss due to network or other system interruption and making the unit ideal for remote or hard to service locations.

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What’s New

Version 3.5
  • Update to data transfer: Adding data transfer to native OSIsoft PI server, including the capability to control data transfer from the Logix Add-on Profile
  • Security updates: Added security to the Diagnostics webpage, added secure handling of resets from the Logix Add-on Profile page
  • Safe mode recovery enhancements for time management


Data made simple - plug and play access to real-time process and production data. It's modular and able to either standalone, or roll up into a plant-wide historian like FactoryTalk® Historian SE

Save valuable time - 10+ times faster data collection rates than traditional historians

Save money - This module does not require a dedicated computer or special client/software to configure

Rich experience - Perform tasks in a rich, interactive browser experience for configuration and simple reports


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