Data Discovery Tools

From Data to Dashboard

Data is overwhelming our daily lives. Because there is so much data in a production environment, the data produced often goes unused and undervalued. Our strategy is to create scalable analytic solutions. These solutions can ease the collection of data sources and fuse data so you can spend more time on analytics and less on data preparation.

Of course, complex analytic tools are available, but you do not have time for data superpowers to build reports and dashboards. Instead, choose analytics tools that convert your raw data into the dashboard or report that serves your purpose at that exact moment in time. These tools can be as descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive as you need.

Isolated Data? Not Anymore

Is this your situation? Different functions have preferences on what data is stored and how, and it leads to information silos or storing data in incompatible formats. This disconnection leads to islands of information.

Manually mapping software to each device is time-consuming and error-prone. Our FactoryTalk® Analytics™ platform ingests structured and unstructured data, from devices, sensors, tags and business systems, so you can spend more time on things that matter.

With this capability, you have access to detailed information that manual mapping just cannot provide. More than a snapshot, FactoryTalk Analytics platform brings your data into a centralized location and can continually refresh it at the rate you choose.

Exchange the rear-view mirror for real-time and predictive insights.


Our FactoryTalk Analytics platform provides focused, scalable apps, just like the kind you use in your daily life to get driving directions. We also provide how-to videos that enable purpose-driven analytics. These are built specifically to provide data know-how for industrial information management and rapid decision-making.

Get instant answers you can trust from billions of devices and rows of data. Stop searching through pre-built, inflexible dashboards. Stop spending time configuring, and start realizing the power of your information. 

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