Manufacturing Production Analytics

Make Automation Data Work for You

Does your data really work for you? As connectivity and computing power continues to spread throughout industrial enterprises, the availability of data has changed how companies solve issues and adapt to changes. Producers are challenged continuously with the complexity to make data useful at the right place and time. To decide when and where in the process they matter most. FactoryTalk® Analytics™ reduces these hurdles to unleash information.

We understand operations. We understand data. No matter your goal: productivity, asset performance, or risk management, together we give you the tools to solve these problems. We can help you discover insights that have not been considered.

IIoT Meets Manufacturing Analytics

FactoryTalk Analytics Strategy

FactoryTalk Analytics helps you overcome the complexity of so much data from so many places by making it simple to find what you need, when you need it. Get the reports, dashboards, and advanced analytics that drive value and informed decisions. Securely access almost any data source within your enterprise to create personalized, actionable information.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is changing the face of manufacturing. Digital manufacturing requires a growing and innovative information infrastructure to maximize the benefits of big data. We can help you embrace your own information management strategy.

Data Discovery Tools

From Data to Dashboard

Data can overwhelm our daily lives. Because there is so much data in a production environment, the data that is produced often goes unused and undervalued. Our strategy is to create scalable analytic solutions that ease the collection of data sources and fuse data. This strategy allows you to spend more time on analytics and less time on data preparation.

Complex analytic tools are available but you do not have time for data superpowers to build reports and dashboards. Instead, choose analytics tools that convert your raw data into the dashboard or report that serves your purpose at that exact moment in time. These tools can be as descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive as you need.

Fuse Your Data

Eliminate Information Silos

Production software that can access and collect structured and unstructured data from all of your devices helps you with insights never before possible. Make analytics available at every level of your enterprise and discover new ways to turn industrial data into insights.

Machine Learning for Industrial IoT

Predict Patterns and Trends

Machine Learning gives computers the ability to identify trends in data. All without being explicitly programmed, able to predict what will happen, and correct anomalies before a costly downtime or quality event occurs. You can learn everything about your process, which includes:

  • Ability to know what is happening now
  • Predict what changes are made with different inputs
  • Associate process behavior into groups and drive processes to optimal outcomes through use of dynamic models

How May We Help You?

We know the plant floor. We know your data.