Manufacturing Production Analytics

Build Value from Information in the IIoT

Your analytics solution drives your operations strategy. It is your portal to help understand where you are, how you got there, where you should be, and what you need to do to get there. Our FactoryTalk® Analytics™ platform is a bundled offering that enables scalable analytics across the value chain, from edge to enterprise.

A Full-stack Analytics Platform

Our FactoryTalk Analytics platform is a bundled offering that includes FactoryTalk Analytics DataView, FactoryTalk Analytics DataFlowML, and FactoryTalk Analytics Edge. This platform enables scalable analytics across the value chain, from edge to enterprise. It can ingest data from a variety of data types. It also enables advanced analytics capabilities like machine learning and data mash-ups in a self-service user experience for collaborative data analysis.

Transform Your Business

We are proud to partner with PTC Inc. to enable integration with data from multiple plant-level applications to drive enterprise-level insights. ThingWorx® software provides the functionality, flexibility, and scalability businesses need to drive industrial innovation. This includes the ability to source, contextualize, and synthesize data. You can orchestrate processes and deliver powerful web, mobile, and AR experiences.

IIoT Meets Manufacturing Analytics

Our FactoryTalk Analytics software helps you overcome the complexity of so much data from so many places by making it simple to find what you need, when you need it. Get the reports, dashboards, and advanced analytics that drive value and informed decisions. Securely access almost any data source within your enterprise to create personalized, actionable information.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is changing the face of manufacturing. Digital manufacturing requires a growing and innovative information infrastructure to maximize the benefits of big data. We can help you embrace your own information management strategy.

Scalable Manufacturing Analytics

Make Decisions at the Source of Your Data

You rely on production data to solve challenges on the plant floor and across the enterprise. Scalable analytics, performed at the device, system or enterprise level, provide actionable information to the people who need it and a pathway to move data into higher-level systems.

See how we began to make use of scalable analytics to hit production and operational goals.

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Device Health and Diagnostics

The devices that make up your machines, lines, and applications produce data. To run a connected enterprise, you must extract that data and send it up to plant-wide and enterprise-wide information systems. We help you at the source of that data.

We offer solutions for device-level analytics. Plug-in appliances that automatically detect, digitize, analyze, and act on device data, provide real-time alerts on critical device and machine health. Descriptive and diagnostic analytics at the device-level.

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Smarter plants give reliable information to act on. We provide the capabilities that help expand the value of data. Performance assurance solutions let manufacturers more easily collaborate with OEMs who monitor performance. This collaboration helps to operate more effectively by driving higher availability and reducing maintenance costs. Predictive maintenance solutions turn analytics into action with machines that ask for help before a breakdown.


Plant data has the power to inform every aspect of a business. Our analytic applications can integrate with many business intelligence technologies beyond our own. Now every manufacturer can confidently tap production information and analyze big data.

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