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Pavilion8 Model Predictive Control Solutions for Your Unique Needs

Each industry faces unique business drivers from increased costs to competitive threats. Process manufacturers globally require advanced process control solutions that help them meet their biggest challenges to remain competitive in markets that change rapidly.


Ethanol and Biodiesel Model Predictive Control Solutions

Our Pavilion8® model predictive control (MPC) ethanol solutions have helped major producers increase production yield, reduce costs, enhance product quality and maintain environmental compliance.

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  • Increase fermentation capacity 4–10%
  • Increase alcohol yields 2–5%
  • Reduce variability of batch-drop ethanol and dextrose/residual sugars 30–70%
  • Optimize yields versus capacity
  • Decrease energy costs per gallon 3–5%
  • Reduce moisture variability 25–50%
  • Maintain operator expertise


Predictive Emissions Monitoring and Compliance

Our MPC environmental solutions help reduce emissions, achieve continuous emissions monitoring (CEMs) requirements, and achieve real-time record keeping and reporting regulatory needs.

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  • Lower installation costs
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Improve accuracy, consistency, and reliability
  • Reduce emissions compliance record keeping and the costs for reporting
  • Reduce personnel safety risks
  • Minimize financial risk

Food and Beverage

Model Predictive Control Solutions for Consumer Packaged Goods

Our patented technology solutions help complex challenges in the food and beverage industry. These challenges include customer demand, product specifications, regulatory compliance, and energy and raw materials costs that fluctuate. Strategic importance is placed on performance improvement and profitability.

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  • Reduce product variation up to 60%
  • Increase production yield up to 1%
  • Minimize off-spec product
  • Reduce energy use up to 12%
  • Improve operational stability

We deliver applications that advance your key business objectives and provide the highest ROI in the industry.

Mining, Metals, and Cement

Pavilion8 Model Predictive Control Solution

Our solutions improve production processes to facilitate quick response to market demands, continuous reduction of costs, and consistent achievement of quality targets.

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  • Reduce grade variability up to 2%
  • Increase product recovery up to 3%
  • Increase throughput up to 10%
  • Reduce reagent consumption up to 3%
  • Reduce energy consumption up to 10%
  • Decrease maintenance costs

Natural Gas Liquids

Model Predictive Control Solution

Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) MPC applications maximize energy, stabilize the plant, increase throughput, increase yield, and improve quality. This technology continuously assesses current and predicted operational data, compares the data to desired results, and computes and downloads new supervisory online setpoint targets.


  • Increase throughput
  • Increase yield up to 3%
  • Improve quality
  • Reduce energy up to 10%
  • Stabilize plant operations

Polymers and Specialty Chemicals

Model Predictive Control Solution

Companies globally have employed our solutions to optimize their production process while reducing costs.

Our Pavilion8 MPC patented technology has helped polymer manufacturers increase production rate and quality, reduce transition time and material, and adapt to market demand changes.

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  • Increase production 2–8%
  • Improve product consistency 50–70%
  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce grade transition times 30–50%
  • Enable higher plant operation reliability and predictability
  • Achieve environmental compliance

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