Environmental Management

Predictive Emissions Monitoring and Compliance

Complex environmental regulations and emissions trading markets require companies to perform accurate, consistent, and verifiable emissions monitoring and reporting in a timely manner.

Accurate, Real-Time Emissions Monitoring

Software CEM

Software CEM® is the first Predictive Emissions Monitoring System (PEMS) in the world. Introduced in 1992 and approved by the U.S. EPA as a PEMS, Software CEM provides real-time emissions monitoring through correlations with existing instruments resulting in accurate, fast emissions information.

Reduce Costs and Increase Reliabilty


  • Uses a model-based solution that leverages existing process instrumentation and data
  • Meets strict continuous emissions monitoring data availability requirements
  • Does not require additional capital equipment or real estate
  • Uses accurate emissions modeling with robust prediction capabilities
  • Detects and alerts sensor failures
  • Operates in the event of sensor/instrument failure
  • Supports multiple CEMs


  • Lower installation costs
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Improve accuracy, consistency, and reliability
  • Reduce personnel safety risks
  • Reduce emissions compliance record-keeping and reporting costs
  • Minimize financial risks

Accurate emissions and compliance information at a significantly reduced cost to operate and maintain.

Process Provides USEPA Mandated 95% Uptime

Environment Management Patented Sensor Validation

Software CEM includes an algorithm imbedded in the emissions model to check raw inputs for validity. This allows for the reconstructing of variables that are out of specification or missing. Our solution may then predict what the failed sensor value should be. This Sensor Validation is a unique patented process that provides consistent achievement of the USEPA mandated 95% uptime.


SeaPEM Provides Accurate Compliance and Reporting

SeaPEM™ is a patented, model-based PEMS for Oceanic Emission Control Area. This system includes the following benefits for the maritime industry:

  • Provides a certifiable and cost-effective continuous emissions monitoring system
  • Offers a reliable emissions monitoring solution
  • Meets global regulatory requirements through a software-based application

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Environmental Services

Our Environmental Applications Services Team has the software and regulatory expertise to help you with the implementation of continuous emissions monitoring, PEMS, or environmental performance management. The team applies its deep knowledge and proven technology to help customers achieve compliance, decrease operating costs, and reduce the risk of potential regulatory fines.

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