Workforce Availability

An Evolving Global Workforce

Workforce Availability Whitepaper from Rockwell Automation

The manufacturing skills shortage is real and widespread. Manufacturers and industrial operators around the world are losing experienced employees to retirement and struggling to find replacements.

At the same time, rapid technology advancement is creating new opportunities but also a need for new skills that aren’t readily available today.

Five Steps for Addressing Workforce Availability

Make changes today. Better prepare your operations and empower your workers to adjust to the challenges ahead.

  1. Improve machinery design: Address ergonomics and safety risks for a more diverse workforce, including older and younger workers.
  2. Build a Connected Enterprise: Improve productivity and efficiency through information-enabled operations.
  3. Train workers: Preserve and pass on the knowledge of experienced workers. Equip workers with the skills needed to take advantage of new technologies.
  4. Leverage vendors and suppliers: Augment core competencies when specialized skills are only occasionally required or when local talent is not available.
  5. Engage your community: Improve the skills and availability of young workers.