It’s Awesome to See a Breakthrough as It Happens

It’s Awesome to See a Breakthrough as It Happens

I’m “of a certain age” now — oh, why thank you, I appreciate your kindness in acknowledging I look really young — so I can look back a few years and appreciate that I was there for the invention of world-changing innovations. No, not the telephone or electricity! Microwaves. The Internet. Computers. Laptops. Smartphones. Wireless communications. Robotics. Streaming music. We didn’t know then that these advancements would change our lives, but we now can look back and see how it happened.

Breakthroughs are always happening. In fact, one is happening right now in the industrial automation field. I don’t usually discuss specific technologies in this column, but this is a true advancement that you’ll look back at in a few years and be glad you were here to be a part of it.

It’s called Project Scio. It’s a data-driven approach that lets workers explore production data and create new analytics on the fly — without the need for a trained data professional. That’s a big deal.

As part of the FactoryTalk® Analytics Platform, Project Scio gives users secure, persona-based access to all data sources, structured or unstructured. Users can access advanced analytics with better search, scalability and insights.

Scio can fuse related data and provide analytics in intuitive dashboards, called storyboards, to all levels of the enterprise — on the edge, on-site or in the cloud. And it doesn’t limit your teams to static storyboards, because they can open the reporting environment to reveal data behind whatever they’re monitoring.

The goal is to give your team access to relevant data to solve questions and problems as they happen. So I am bringing this to your attention, and you can learn more in our April 2018 cover story. Because it’s awesome to see a breakthrough as it happens. Until next time …

Theresa Houck

Executive Editor

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