Editor’s Viewpoint: What is Digital Transformation About?

Editor’s View: What is Digital Transformation?

Executive Editor Theresa Houck discusses how digital transformation isn’t just about technology, but about changing business outcomes.

We hear a lot of talk about smart devices and digital transformation. It’s everywhere. Not just in the pages of our own magazine, webinars, eBooks and videos, but throughout our industry. And it applies to small- and medium-sized companies as well as the huge firms.

Digital transformation doesn’t have to mean implementing a system with capital expenditures that could put you out of business. It means installing devices and systems in steps that make sense for your operations to boost productivity and provide a beneficial ROI. That’s the magic of smart manufacturing — ranging from smart sensors to multi-facility systems that use the cloud to gather information from thousands of data points.

And as you’ll learn this in our issue this month, digital transformation isn’t just about technology; it changes how business is done. It’s about using smart technology to change your business outcomes — delivering information from operations data to help you improve efficiency and quality, and having the flexibility to meet customer needs and improving profitability.

I bet you never looked at digital transformation this way before. Changing business outcomes. Guess that’s why it’s called “transformation.” Until next time….

Theresa Houck

Executive Editor

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