Editor’s Viewpoint: Every Packaged Item Sends a Message

Editor’s Viewpoint: Every Package Sends a Message

Executive Editor Theresa Houck describes the strategies, technologies and methods packaging OEMs and end users are using to keep up with constantly changing consumer demands.

I’m fascinated by packaging. I notice the use of colors. Labels that scream “No Sugar Added!” How food suppliers use their packages as a communication method and branding tool. How sometimes, one kind of product like water or applesauce comes in 5 different kinds of packaging.

Being in this industry gives me more insights than consumers who don’t work in an industrial field. For example, I know the shift toward being more convenient is driving how consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies operate.

I know buyers are demanding variety with both the type of item and the package size — partly because they use their choices to express themselves, and also because assortments let buyers make healthier choices on the go. Part of those healthier choices means consumers are looking for food portion control and sustainable packaging. Single-portion packages, custom-designed containers and pouch bags are some of the packaging trends affecting food suppliers.

Every package sends a message about the supplier and the consumer. So, OEMs and end users are working together to develop strategies to create flexible yet cost-efficient operations to meet all the constantly changing consumer needs. This issue of The Journal addresses the strategies, technology and methods end users and OEMs are using, and how you can too.

Some of that technology will be on display at the 2019 Automation Fair® event Nov. 20-21 in Chicago. I hope you’ll come by The Journal’s booth #1075 and say hi. Until next time ….

Theresa Houck

Executive Editor

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