Editor's Viewpoint: Times, They Are A Changin’ — Thankfully

Editor's Viewpoint: Times, They Are A Changin’

Executive Editor Theresa Houck notes how times are changing fast, including trends in the industrial automation industry.

Things are changing fast. When I was a kid, grownups always told me that, but I didn’t know what they meant. I mean, time was so slooooowwwwwww.

But now that I’m a grownup (though some of my friends might debate that), I get it. How is it 2020 already? Seems like I was just cooing over my niece in the hospital nursery after she was born, and now she has her own babies. How can Cher be 73? Why are they phasing out teaching cursive in school? Why is the phrase “OK Boomer” an insult? Get off my lawn!

The old saying is, “The only constant is change.” One way that’s true, and is a good thing, is in the continuous evolution of technology propelling smart manufacturing. To help you keep up, our new “2019 Industrial Automation Trends eBook provides a comprehensive look at the changing methods and digital technologies impacting every industrial operation, large or small.

It examines the top 10 trends in our industry, including virtual commissioning, IT/OT convergence, use of smart analytics, optimizing the cloud, mobile devices, edge computing and more. Download it free.

And if you serve the food and beverage industry, download our “2019 Food & Beverage eBook” to learn how to use real-time data to optimize food safety and productivity. Also see how edge computing is transforming food and beverage operations, how a brewery increased production capacity 50% in 2 weeks, how CPG OEMs are helping end users keep up with consumer demands, and more.

I’m not complaining about changing times, just amazed by it. Frankly, I find it exciting. I hope you do too. Until next time…

Theresa Houck

Executive Editor

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