The Global Economy’s Lifeblood

Editor's Viewpoint: The Global Economy’s Lifeblood

I’ve always appreciated the folks who work in the oil, gas and chemical industries — the skills and intelligence it takes to safely explore, produce and get those resources to us consumers. Hazardous conditions, engineering talent, critical technology, dedicated field workers, critical safety practices, locations all over the world and so many more essential operations.

After all, the oil and gas industry is the global economy’s lifeblood. This issue of The Journal helps process operators by explaining how to implement a strategy to migrate from a legacy control platform to a modern DCS with minimal downtime, and why it doesn’t have to be complicated — pretty amazing. And we provide a couple case studies showing how some companies like yours did it.

In addition, to help process automation and manufacturing pros in these industries, we recently published our free 2019 Oil & Gas eBook. Learn how to prepare for the new IEC gas safety standards; to develop safer, more efficient chemical operations; and to optimize well pads.

Also see how reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) uses data to slash downtime; how analytics can help you benefit from the digital oilfield; 5 common mistakes when purging and pressurizing enclosures; and more. Download the eBook now.

In addition to the useful information for process automation pros, you’ll also find the 2019 Automation Fair® event preview in this issue. It’s a keeper! Until next time ….

Theresa Houck

Executive Editor

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