Don’t Be Left in the Dark

Don’t Be Left in the Dark

Smart Manufacturing. Industry 4.0. The Digital Revolution. My first grader’s math homework. Wait. What does math homework have to do with technology trends?

Both require accepting and adapting to change. Just like manufacturers must adapt to a more digital footprint to stay competitive, I had to adapt to a new way of solving math problems. But how? I did what any smart parent would do. I went to YouTube. The more I learned how this new problem-solving technique worked, the less frustration my daughter and I both had — I now could more easily help her each night she came home with a challenging math worksheet to complete.

Having that internet connectivity and ability to research and see exactly how to solve these equations saved my sanity. It can be the same for manufacturers. The Industrial Internet of Things comes with a host of benefits, but one of the biggest is visibility. With connected devices we now can see more, which allows us to do more and act on what once was hidden within control and safety systems. Even working remotely, technicians are now able to connect and live-stream with their colleagues from afar to resolve a problematic machine. It’s hard to think what life would be like without the benefits of this connectivity. In many ways, we’d be left in the dark.

This month’s cover story shines a bright light on just how much we can see when smart manufacturing and connective devices are integrated. The Connected Enterprise isn’t just about seeing what’s happening on the plant floor to improve productivity. Safety systems integrated into the IIoT can give manufacturers more insight into how to improve the safety of their operations, achieve compliance, and further boost production. As you peruse this issue, I hope you’ll find more ways to use your Connected Enterprise to “see the light.”

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Amanda Joshi
Managing Editor

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