Don’t Tell Me What to Do… Except Sometimes

Don’t Tell Me What to Do… Except Sometimes

A lot of people wish they could be a child again and have fewer worries – when their biggest stress came from not getting the candy they wanted, wondering who to sit with at lunch or hoping they got that awesome gift for Christmas.

Not me. I like being a grown-up. I like having the freedom to make my own decisions. To be independent. To do what I want, without someone telling me what to do and what not to do (well, except at work of course).

But I have to admit that sometimes, it's good to have someone telling me what to do and not to do, such as when I'm learning how to weld or scuba dive. It's also helpful in our industry to know the dos and don'ts of IT and operations technology (OT) collaboration, and the cover story in this August 2015 issue addresses how that teamwork can help you deploy industrial IP over industrial Ethernet for end-to-end connectivity from the enterprise to the plant for greater performance.

A gap has existed historically between IT's understanding of controls and control engineers' understanding of IT. Our cover story discusses how this gap can be closed so companies can take advantage of the business benefits of a converged, IP-centric network infrastructure. You'll learn that the real power comes with collaborative policies, practices and procedures.

I also want to remind you that if you haven't already, download The Journal's free iPad app. Use it on the plant floor, in your office or during off-work hours. It adds value for you, delivering each issue of the magazine plus features that only a tablet app can offer, such as video interviews, product demonstrations, downloads and social media sharing.

Simply open the Newsstand on your iPad, tap the Store, and search “ROKJournal” to download the free app. Then it will appear in your Newsstand. Until next time …

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