December 2019 Full Issue

December 2019 Full Issue

The Journal From Rockwell Automation and Our PartnerNetwork

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Editor’s Viewpoint: Times, They Are A Changin’ — Thankfully

Cover Story: New Water Treatment System Boosts Compliance While Saving Millions:
Automated plant delivers cleaner, better-tasting water to Cape Cod vacation town and meets fluctuating water demand with one staff shift.

How Water Utilities Can Incorporate Cybersecurity: Utilities can mitigate cybersecurity risks by using a proactive approach that extends beyond regulatory compliance and integrating security controls.

DCS Upgrade Helps Wastewater Plant Boost Efficiency: See how migration to a modern distributed control system helps a municipality increase wastewater capacity, streamline control and minimize overtime.

Hunting Downtime: A Submariner’s Perspective on Predictive Maintenance: A U.S. Navy veteran explains what PM practices on a nuclear submarine can teach manufacturers about preventing failures to help avoid costly downtime.

How a Batch Management System Cut Downtime by 25%: Snack company also improves dough quality by 30% and opens access to code after installing new batch management and control solution.

How an Energy Firm Applied IIoT Plant Maintenance: The company’s asset management and historian software perform better predictive and preventive maintenance by analyzing historical and real-time data.

How to Use Robots for Nonrepetitive Tasks: Vision Guided Robotics help industrial applications where robot fingers need to maneuver objects of different shapes and sizes or that touch or overlap.




The Journal From Rockwell Automation and Our PartnerNetwork™ is published by Putman Media, Inc.

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