December 2018 Full Issue

December 2018 Full Issue

The Journal From Rockwell Automation and Our PartnerNetwork

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Editor’s Viewpoint: 14 Years and I’m Still Fascinated

Cover Story: Security & Safety Work in Concert:
Increasingly, network security breaches are creating safety risks for connected, smart manufacturing, so safety and security must be managed together.

Cybersecurity: A Process, Not a Project: Protect production, workers and intellectual property by maintaining cybersecurity with these best practices.

Modern DCS Helps Convert Wastewater to Safe Water: Pollution control agency improves control over process and data, helps water treatment facility save millions and supply recycled water for crops.

Blind Spots in the Industrial Revolution of Things: When modernizing your network cybersecurity infrastructure and virtualized digital assets with processes and technology, don’t ignore the people factor.

Cyber Safety & Security are a Shared Responsibility: The emergence of physical and digital convergence requires an innovative fusion of once disparate disciplines: cybersecurity and physical safety.

What is Edge Computing, and Why Should You Care? Not all smart devices must use the cloud. See how edge performs hosting, storage, computing and analysis and pushes aggregate data to a centralized plant.

Machine Vision Explained: Vision systems are used for manufacturing line inspection and non-inspection tasks, so here’s what you need to know about what’s right for your operation.

How Polarization Cameras Have Advanced Product Inspection: Production-line vision systems now can use cameras with polarized image sensors that remove glare from objects for more efficient product analysis.

The Journal From Rockwell Automation and Our PartnerNetwork™ is published by Putman Media, Inc.

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