April 2018 Full Issue

April 2018 Full Issue

The Journal From Rockwell Automation and Our PartnerNetwork

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Cover Story: Priceless Diamonds of Data: Learn about the data-driven approach that lets workers explore production data and create new analytics in real time. Mining advanced analytics keeps getting easier: better search, better scalability, better insights.

How to Develop a Data-Integration Plan: Proper planning and strategy will determine the quality of your production intelligence and the success of your smart-manufacturing goals.

Biopharma Manufacturing: Get the Most out of Your EBRs: Integrating electronic batch records with a manufacturing execution system can help you get to market faster, cut costs and improve compliance.

How to Integrate Fire and Gas Safety with Process Control: Integrated safety and control systems provide critical functions such as warning and mitigating a possible hazard that could threaten workers or operations.

Comparing Electric Actuator and Pneumatic Cylinder TCO: When determining motor control total cost of ownership, consider utility costs, maintenance costs and product yield for the service life of each.

Confused About Temperature Control in Thermal Processes? Here are the basics of eletromechanical contactors, solid-state relays and SCR power controllers.

Will the Absence-of-Voltage Test Become Outdated? Thanks to updates to UL and NFPA 70E standards, there’s no limit to the advancements possible for absence-of-voltage testing (AVT) systems.

OEM Partner Profile: Smart CIP System Improves Performance and Reporting: Using a standardized control system platform, OEM’s modular clean-in-place system helps meet regulatory demands while boosting efficiency and speeding deployment.

Editor’s Viewpoint: It’s Awesome to See a Breakthrough as It Happens



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