14 Years and I’m Still Fascinated

14 Years and I’m Still Fascinated

I’m writing this just a few days after the 2018 Automation Fair® event, and I’m still in the afterglow of the amazing innovations demonstrated on the exhibit floor. It was my 14th Automation Fair® event, and I’m still fascinated by not only the free educational opportunities, but also the technology advancements we get to see every year.

Those technologies are advancing the fast-moving trends in industrial automation — convergence of automation, safety and security that’s invigorating industrial operations, for example. And smart, data-driven manufacturing aided by digital manufacturing that’s driving automation performance to new heights.

We’ve summarized the 9 top trends in industrial automation for you in the new “2018 Trends Report & Automation Fair Directory” eBook now available for free download. It provides a comprehensive look at the changing methods and technologies impacting every industrial operation, big or small, local or global.

The trends include advanced data analytics, cloud storage to support data-driven operations, the connected enterprise, secure remote access, combined safety and cybersecurity mitigation approaches, virtual commissioning with digital twins for efficient design, digitization to supplant the retiring workforce and more.

The eBook also reviews the 2018 Automation Fair® event, where we got to see those advanced technologies up close. Download it now to see how and why things are changing. And during my 15th visit at the 2019 Automation Fair® event Nov. 20-21 in Chicago, I’ll be just as excited to see what technology is carrying us forward. Until next time…

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