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Nosbusch: Smart Manufacturing Required to Face Future Challenges in Emerging Markets

WUHAN, CHINA - Rockwell Automation introduced its latest Integrated Architecture & Information Solutions, Intelligent Motor Control, and Lifecycle Management Service at Rockwell Automation on the Move and Rockwell Automation University, two customer events organized together with Rockwell Automation's PartnerNetwork™ in Wuhan.

Keith Nosbusch, Rockwell Automation Chairman and CEO, addressed the current global manufacturing landscape and the significance of next generation smart manufacturing. More than 700 people, including manufacturing business leaders, Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork™, system integrators, and distributors across the region attended the event.

The State of Smart Manufacturing

According to Nosbusch, the coming decade will be the first in 200 years when emerging market countries contribute more growth than developed markets. This will bring a dramatic shift in the balance of trade.

"The impact of the emerging middle class will have a dramatic affect on the basic resources required to support the demand for consumer goods and related infrastructure," said Nosbusch. "Fundamentally, people will be eating better, driving more vehicles, using more water and stressing the supply chains for natural resources whether it be farmland, energy, water or minerals. It is clear that resource productivity and optimization of key manufacturing processes will not only be necessary, but will require rapid innovation to meet this growing demand."

Nosbusch defined smart manufacturing as a highly connected and knowledge-enabled industrial enterprise, where all business and operating actions are optimized to achieve substantially enhanced productivity, sustainability and economic performance. "We believe tight integration of information and automation systems is required to face the challenges ahead of us," he said.

To advance the manufacturing and production communities to smart manufacturing, Nosbusch explained how infrastructure and foundational elements such as policies, resources, education and common technology, including an ongoing commitment to developing talent capable of working with more sophisticated equipment, smarter tools and more complex processes all contribute to the solution. Finally, key technology deployments will be critical to advancing smart manufacturing. These include Ethernet proliferation, real time manufacturing intelligence, Cloud computing and simulation, and sustainability initiatives related to energy as critical enablers.

"China is undergoing an economic transformation and evolving from the 'made-in-China' period," said Tom O'Reilly, managing director of Rockwell Automation in China. "If China can be one of the first to achieve manufacturing knowledge, it will earn a long term competitive advantage well into the coming decades. With our global expertise in industrial applications, we aim to better support our local customers throughout the entire lifecycle to help drive China's manufacturing industry development."

China is a key strategic market for Rockwell Automation. "As the country shifts toward high-end manufacturing, we plan to contribute to China's long-term sustainable growth by encouraging our local manufacturing and production community to fully incorporate smart manufacturing in their processes," said O'Reilly.

A global annual fair established by Rockwell Automation back in 2001, Rockwell Automation on the Move debuted in China in 2003. Today, it forms a key part of the company's global commitment to share comprehensive automation expertise as well as smart manufacturing practices with industry colleagues worldwide. This year, RAOTM will visit three cities: Wuhan, Shijiazhuang and Chengdu.

Introductions at opening ceremony of Wuhan RAOTM

Tom O’Reilly, Managing Director, Greater China, Rockwell Automation (Right) introduced Rockwell Automation in China and Wuhan, the provincial capital of Hubei province, during the opening ceremony of Wuhan RAOTM

Opening ceremony of Wuhan RAOTM

Keith Nosbusch, Chairman and CEO, Rockwell Automation delivered a speech about “the State of Smart Manufacturing” during the opening ceremony of Wuhan RAOTM

Show floor at Wuhan RAOTM

Tom O’Reilly, Managing Director, Greater China, Rockwell Automation and Sunny Tse, Director, Marketing & Business Management, Greater China, Rockwell Automation showed Keith Nosbusch, Chairman and CEO, Rockwell Automation and Mr. Shao Weimin, Vice Mayor of Wuhan around the show floor at Wuhan RAOTM

The Rockwell Automation Management Team

The Rockwell Automation management team led by Keith Nosbusch, Chairman and CEO and the local government delegation led by Mr. Shao Weimin, Vice Mayor of Wuhan