Zhejiang Medicine Company Drops Paper and Improves Compliance with MES

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  • Transition to 100 percent paperless environment to manage drug production compliance


  • PharmaSuite MES Software – Integrates production processes from the plant floor to the enterprise
  • EBR digitizes paper records and automates document management


  • Paperless Operation – Completely eliminated paper based SOP, hardcopy records, and equipment and material labels
  • Enhanced Quality – Automated data handling reduces the risk of errors, such as misinterpreting or incorrectly entering data
  • Reduced Costs – Calculated cost savings include 5 to 10 percent labor savings; 46 to 75 percent reduction in batch product review cycle time; and 50 percent reduction in management-review cycle time

PharmaSuite MES helps to more efficiently, cost-effectively produce antibiotic on FDA’s drug-shortage list

Zhejiang Medicine Company is a global bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing and sterile-packing industry experts, an innovative pharmaceutical model in China expert business. Sterile powder for injection project is Zhejiang Medicine Company's first MES application pilot projects. Products export to North America, Europe and other regions.

In order to meet the strict regulatory requirements in Europe and America, Zhejiang Medicine Company chose Rockwell Automation as its strategic partner, using PharmaSuite to establish a Batch management as the core of the MES system to ensure compliance and efficient production.

Replacing the traditional paper records and documents management, PharmaSuite achieved 100% paperless during the production process. See the video above.

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