Persán Increases Capacity, Quality and Flexibility

Process Improvements Boost Capacity, Quality


  • PlantPAx – the Rockwell Automation Process Control System leveraging FactoryTalk Batch, Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PACs


  • Increased production capacity (up to 1 million kg/day)
  • Increased flexibility to modify products or create new ones (managing more than 200 recipes)
  • A very good level of reporting
  • Bidirectional SAP integration with the process system
  • More automatic dosing of raw materials


Established in 1941, Persán, based in Seville, Spain, is a leading manufacturer of domestic cleaning products. The company is ranked number one in Spain for detergents and number two for fabric softeners and dishwasher soap. The company's brands include Puntomatic, Flota, SAN and many others for leading European supermarkets in Spain, the UK and France.

The company has a number of ‘firsts' to its name including the first detergent in tablet form and the world's first 3-in-1 tablet – surpassing this with the launch of Spain's first 6-in-1 fabric softener.

With its status as a leading manufacturer gathering significant momentum, Persán needed to update and extend its manufacturing facilities. It called upon the services of Rockwell Automation and its System Integrator Procisa to help with this initiative, and based the solution on PlantPAx with its integrated FactoryTalk Batch technologies.


Persán's primary goals were to increase production capacity, increase flexibility in order to modify and create new products and increase product quality through the use of a contemporary automation solution. Like many household product companies, Persán needed to couple greater quantity with more product variety, with no trade-offs as it is, like its peers, judged by its customers.


For the new installation Persán decided to implement a new solution based on PlantPAx from Rockwell Automation, because this platform allowed it to achieve the goals it had established at the outset.

With PlantPAx, Persán controls 40 raw material tanks, six process reactors, 25 intermediate tanks and all manual operations. Persán decided to work with Procisa, a Recognised Rockwell Automation System Integrator, which was able to offer a high level of flexibility to adapt the automation and batch solutions to meet the final needs, within an optimal timeframe.

Connected to the factory's existing IT infrastructure, the Allen-Bradley hardware deployed for the project comprised two ControlLogix L63 programmable automation controllers (PACs), one ControlLogix L64 PAC, a number of field-located PanelView HMIs, E1 Plus overload relays, 20 PowerFlex drives in MCCs, 36 motor starters and 23 remote I/O panels for field communications.


With PlantPAx offering a high level of product integration, it was possible for Persán to achieve the following: higher levels of product quality; increased production capacity (up to 1 million kg/day); increased flexibility to modify products or create new ones (managing more than 200 recipes); a very good level of reporting; and bi-directional SAP integration with the process system.

The installation is fully operational and Persán is pleased with the results, so much so that it is planning for additional capabilities – to expand the installation with more capabilities such as additional automatic dosing of raw materials, an increase in the number of reactors and the introduction of new production phases to develop new products.

The results mentioned above are specific to Persán's use of Rockwell Automation products and services in conjunction with other products. Specific results may vary for other customers.


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